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There is only one recipe to achieve the best quality:
using the best quality ingredients, the many years of experience in the industry and the willingness of spending countless hours of work perfecting the instruments…

When it comes to quality Arpad doesn’t compromise. He always chooses the best possible parts for the pianos. He has over twenty years of hands-on experience working with the best quality parts available on the world, like Hamburg Steinway and other special Renner parts.

As far as experience goes he combines traditional “old-world” technique with “new-world” experience. With over two decades of experience in Europe and the U.S. – as professional rebuilder and concert technician – Arpad has gained the trust and professional cooperation of famous concert pianists, recording artists, orchestras, renowned music institutions, concert halls, piano dealers, piano instructors and music lovers, from all over the world.

And when it comes to work hours Arpad simply doesn’t stop until he is happy with the result. Of course a perfect piano does not exist, however there is always room for improvement. And the design of the Steinway pianos allow one to do that. This constant challenge is the reason why he loves to work with Steinways.

Arpad believes that a piano is only as good as the last pair of hands worked on it.
This is not only true for voicing or action regulation or restoration, but even for tuning, as well. In most cases, only the experience of the technician is the limit of how good a Steinway piano is, and not the instrument itself. This is almost never true about other makes…