Weber Grand Piano (5’9”) 1915



The very decorative, beautiful exterior – Walnut case with Bird’s Eye Maple and Rosewood inlays – makes this piano a little gem. Inlays are significant in piano making – the most important way for a hand-craftsman to express creativity.
This piano has nice sound and good action that make it very enjoyable to play.
Details of restoration:
– completely refinished case
– completely rebuilt with original soundboard, new pinblock and strings; new genuine Renner (Germany) action parts (hammers, shanks, whippens)
– original ivory keys


This piano can do well in any home and will be the ornament to any living room.
Suggested for the use of amateur or beginner pianists, music lovers, or collectors of art-case instruments.

Information: 917-921-6967, or send an email to



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