Buying a piano

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There are some basic rules when it comes to buying a piano.

  1. Most importantly take your time; don’t rush with your decision just because the “sale ends tomorrow”. There is no such thing as the deal of the century.
  2. Every dealer will tell you the same: his piano is the best and he has much superior pianos than the competition. So don’t fall for every sale speech – make sure that either you know enough or you take e.g. a piano teacher with you, or an independent piano technician who can confirm the dealer’s claims.
  3. Check out as many pianos as you can.
  4. Educate yourself about pianos in general. Purchasing a piano is like a maze. You have to be confident that the piano you are about to choose is for you. It has to inspire you!!!
  5. The piano has to be mechanically sturdy which a technician can confirm for you. It has to hold the tuning and the action has to work reliably. Some dealers offer 15 years warranty, but in case something goes wrong in your piano they are not able to schedule even their own technician to solve your problem. If you keep your piano in the proper environment (proper humidity and temperature, etc…), and you are regularly maintaining it (tuning and yearly maintenance) and presumably you didn’t buy a lemon you won’t ever need your warranty. Of course, it is still good to have one in case something goes wrong, but you have to be realistic about it.