Regulation and Maintenance

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Besides getting your piano tuned regularly, to maintain the highest quality of your piano, it is necessary to have action and tone regulation once a year or – if the piano is not used that much – every other year, as well.

Action regulation should make your piano easier to play on, which will make your time you spend playing on it more enjoyable. A piano that has good and sensitive touch is very important not just for professional pianists, but for beginners, as well. Even young children – who’ve just started to play the piano – should have a reliable, good practice instrument in their homes, and in their case it will mean a lot for their musical future whether they can start learning to play the piano on an instrument that has “just the right” touch/action. It can be very frustrating and discouraging for anybody to play on a piano where the keys work only “occasionally”.

Proper action and tone regulation should give your piano diversity in touch and colorful, rich sound.

For a lot of people the piano is a big, bulky and heavy thing that takes up a lot of space in the living room. But for those who love music, the piano can open up a whole different world – even some unexplored dimensions…

Is your piano capable of that?

If not, most likely your piano is in need of some maintenance work.

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