Repairs and Reconditioning

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Reconditioning means “refreshing and repairing” the original parts of the piano. However, sometimes it is unavoidable to replace some broken or very damaged parts to new ones.

If the condition of the piano allows it, basically any part of it can be reconditioned, including interior (e.g. action, strings, keyboard, etc.) and exterior (e.g. finish, veneer, hardware, etc.).

Reconditioning the action of the piano – most of the time – includes filing and enforcing the hammers, cleaning, repairing the action parts (e.g. hammers, shanks, etc.), regulating the action, piano tuning and voicing (tone regulation).

Reconditioning the interior is usually the same as cleaning of the interior ( for more details click on “Interior Cleaning”).

Reconditioning the finish is called “French-polishing”.
The best refinisher in the entire U.S North-East is Chulo’s Piano Refinishing. Chulo is an expert on any kind of “touch-up” work, and french polishing. If you want to avoid aggravation, disappointment and even greater damage, don’t experiment with lesser quality refinishers!

A surprisingly lot of things can be repaired on the piano on-site, but unfortunately most of the technicians and tuners don’t know how to take care of those problems.

A string broke off, or maybe a hammer shank? A key is sticking on your piano? The pedal is squeaking? Even a shaky piano leg or pedal lyre can be fixed sometimes on site. These repairs however require a special appointment. Usually those technicians who do rebuildings – not just tuning – have the expertise to fix such problems, therefore maybe your regular tuner will not qualify to do a satisfactory on-site repair job.

Although most of the piano repairs, as well as the piano reconditioning can be done on-site, in some cases it is better to take the piano to a workshop and complete such work there.

For more information about on-site repairs please contact via phone or email.
Please note, if the repair can be combined with a tuning, you can also save a significant amount of money.